Our Story

Meet Our Founders, Will and Hil

We first fell in love with plant-based food while living in Vancouver in 2018. The vegan movement on the West Coast was completely kicking off and we were thrown into a whole new world of food creativity and innovation that we didn't even know existed before. On top of that, it happened to bring with it some mind-blowing health and environmental benefits - as nature lovers, this new way of living became a total no brainer.

When we moved home to the UK, we found that the majority of vegan options just didn't stack up. They were either bland and boring, or vegan versions of junk food that were full of unhealthy, processed ingredients. We turned to meal boxes while working busy jobs, but found the recipes uninspiring, lacking in flavour and way too time consuming.

After deciding to create our own version of meal kits that were restaurant-quality and fast, lockdown provided the opportunity to focus on development and after months of experimentation and finessing, the seeds for Planthood were sown.

Fast forward to today, with a team of passionate chefs cooking thousands of meals for customers all over the UK - we've been blown away by the response to Planthood and we're only just getting started.

We hope you love it just as much as we do!